Building a Winning Customer Experience

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Regular assessment of your customer experience is vital to an organisation retaining and attracting increasingly sophisticated and sometimes disloyal customers.

A strong foundation of customer and market analysis is critical to the delivery of a unique and compelling value proposition and therefore an organisation’s competitive advantage. This becomes even more pronounced when there is growing competition; tough economic conditions; or where customers are empowered through new technology or legislation.

Consider, for example, the competitors of Amazon – who must face a company that has a vision of being the “the Earth’s most customer centric company”, and who has historically placed customer obsession above dividend returns.


No matter what your organisation’s size, industry, geographical location or product/service offering may be, the basis for any customer experience assessment program should commence with a well-crafted process of listening and engaging with customers and staff before moving progressively through the following steps:

Customer Experience Assessment Framework

We find that when solutions are backed with customer research and key staff engagement, it is very difficult for internal opponents to argue against the change. Typically a number of practical priority solutions are actioned at the conclusion of the project and provide an immediate positive change to the customer experience.  Other actions and strategies take longer to realise but with a well-crafted implementation plan and a repeatable framework for assessment, the likelihood of success is high.

The importance of success for our clients in their customer experience programs is not measured by the completion of a customer experience assessment and strategy; but the internal stakeholder knowledge and commitment to customers, the ongoing measurement and monitoring of the initiatives that flow from the assessment, and the capability that is embedded.

Whether you require strategic marketing, market and customer research, sales management or customer management services, our Marketing and Customer Experience team has extensive experience across a wide array of business types, sizes and industries.

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