Enterprise Software Modernisation – Blending Strategy, Culture and Technology

 In Digital Transformation, Lindsey Phillips, Matthew Fahey, Stuart Hestelow

The findings of a recent Gartner ICT report showed that an average of 41% of respondents indicated that upgrading or extending the capabilities of their core enterprise applications was one of the current top five short-term IT priorities.

Ageing enterprise business solutions place an organisation under duress, which hinders the progress of innovative new business practices and processes. This is often coupled with infrastructure that compromises the reliability and efficiency of an organisation’s business-critical applications.

This feature article explores why many organisations have difficulties on this modernisation process as they fail to look at their internal requirements and capabilities before looking out to the market for their technological solutions.  It also addresses how such upgrades of business technologies requires a delicate balance of sufficient investment against risk and internal capability. The case also reflects on the potential effect on the internal culture of the organisation of such initiatives.


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