Churchill Junior Consultants Day

 In Churchill News and Events, Matthew Fahey, Todd Mairs

This week Churchill Consulting held our inaugural Junior Consultants Day which saw 14 children, aged 2 to 15 years old, participate in a morning consultancy workshop.

The morning’s program commenced with an ice-breaker of Giant Jenga, Charades and Indoor Mini Golf before the real consultancy work began. Our Director, Todd Mairs, commenced the workshop by asking the junior consultants what they thought their parents did when they came to work each day at Churchill. The assumptions made by the kids were both insightful and hilarious before the younger children paired up with an older one to get to work and come up with a food vendor business idea and plan.

Provided with fairy bread, fruit salad and juice boxes for sustenance, they worked together to establish their product, who their target market was, where they would operate and the price they would charge. The older children also had to calculate their unit cost and profit margins whilst the younger children focused on the creative development of the logo and marketing poster. All groups then pitched their business plans to all the senior and junior consultants.

The Junior Consultants then took a morning hot chocolate break down in the Building’s foyer cafe and a quick play out in the St Georges Building’s Garden before it was time to knock-off for the day and return home to enjoy their school holidays.





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