Marketing & Customer Experience

The foundation of sustainable competitive advantage is the delivery of a unique and compelling value proposition.

This requires a deep understanding of the customers and markets in which you operate and the internal capability to deliver on needs and expectations.

Our highly experienced team assists organisations to unlock their market potential by developing marketing strategies that identify and seize the most attractive market opportunities; understanding their customer motivations and behaviours; diagnosing current and required capability to deliver on customer management needs; and maximising sales potential through aligning sales strategy and operating model.

Our key capabilities include:

  • Strategic Marketing: We assist our clients to identify and seize the most attractive market opportunities through segment analysis and prioritisation; strategic marketing planning; marketing initiative review and assessment; and ROI measurement.
  • Market and Customer Research: We help our clients understand their market and customers through the full range of qualitative and quantitative market research solutions for both consumer facing and business to business organisations. By better connecting our work to the strategy process and decision makers of an organisation, we develop and convert insightful market research into practical organisational outcomes.
  • Customer Management: We combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise to help our clients see the world through the eyes of their customers. From customer experience assessment and journey mapping through to defining a winning vision and strategy, our consultants are on hand to assist your organisation better serve its customers.
  • Sales Management: We help our clients to take their sales capability to its full potential, thereby increasing conversion rates, revenue and profitability. We do so by analysing an organisation’s current operating environment, identifying performance benchmarks and defining the vision, objectives and framework for an organisation’s sales strategy; whilst assessing both the organisation’s capability and capacity for true sales success.

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