Strategy and Planning

Strategic planning at its core is about understanding where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

In today’s rapidly changing corporate landscape, organisations are increasingly questioning what “good” looks like – and how they respond to dynamic and disruptive forces acting on their traditional markets.

Churchill is regularly engaged by many of the region’s leading organisations to help them rethink the future; understanding forces at play, setting a compelling vision and articulating a roadmap for success. We are committed to working side-by-side with our clients to design and implement workable solutions.

Our strategy and planning services include:

  • Innovation and Digital Strategy: We help clients rethink their approach to innovation and their response to disruption in key markets. This includes running design thinking workshops, ideation programmes, concept evaluation and embedding new innovation capabilities across the organisation.
  • Board Governance Reviews: We assist Boards to ensure their governance arrangements are fit for purpose and are aligned to organisational need.  This covers elements such as board performance, composition, structure, reporting, Director dynamics and leadership.
  • Corporate Strategic and Business Unit Planning: We assist many leading organisations with strategic planning including facilitation (executive and board level), scenario analysis, financial modelling and implementation planning at strategic and business unit levels.
  • Strategic Analysis and Execution: We assist clients with strategic analysis including market entry/exit assessments, sizing the market opportunities, competitor analysis, environmental scanning and customer research.
  • Strategic performance measurement: We develop overall strategic performance management programmes including KPI scorecards, dashboard reporting and performance management frameworks to monitor and review strategic execution.

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