Successfully Executing Strategic Plans

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Depending on the global statistics you read, it is estimated that approximately 90% of strategic plans are not executed successfully and only 70% of the key performance measures ever met.


1) A strategy is developed having considered the organisation’s aspirations, environment in which the organisation operates, analysis on opportunities within the market and its capabilities.

2) A strategic execution plan is developed that clarifies the building blocks of the strategic plan, objectives, initiatives and key performance indicators. An execution framework is then utilised to ensure a successful delivery of the strategy.

 3) Regular and ongoing monitoring and assessment ensures the organisation remains on track to deliver on its strategy and if required, timely interventions are made.


We have identified four key factors that form part of the execution framework for strategic plans – Governance; Standards & Controls; Measurement & Reporting; and Resource Management. 

The illustration below outlines these key factors and discovery questions to enable an assessment of your organisation’s strategic execution capabilities.


Over the last 15 years, Churchill has been using a proven and effective model to assist businesses to turn strategy into action.  With a deep understanding of your business and industry in which you operate, we develop a strategy program that builds rigour in the final plan, engagement amongst key stakeholders, successful execution and effective monitoring of progress.

Our locally based consultants have battled the rocky times too and understand the volatility and unpredictability of doing business in the WA Market. That is why Churchill Consulting ensures that we won’t use a one-size fits all approach to your strategic planning and we are committed to understanding your organisation and facilitate your plan in line with your organisation’s capabilities, output and culture.


Successfully Executing Strategic Plans

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