Frank Daly

MBA, BSc (Ing), Dip (Prj Mgt)
Senior Consultant

Frank is a highly experienced project engineer, consultant and construction manager with over 9 years of global experience. Primarily he has worked on increasing the capacity of the WA Gas Network on various projects over 7 years, all the way from Bunbury to Barrow Island.

Frank has extensive experience on-site managing multi-million-dollar projects and teams of over 100 personnel and has successfully delivered innovative performance improvement and project management solutions for a number of key industries including:

  • Oil & Gas;
  • Infrastructure & Construction; and
  • Utilities.

He has a proven track record working for the Operator, Consultant and Contractor, across the public and private sectors and his key expertise and experience lies in stakeholder management; quality and assurance; safety and risk; and cost and scheduling management.

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